Beta 4 Released

Untitled Beta 4 was released today, on Just click the download button.

The changelog:

– Redesinged Main Menu
– Main Menu uses Level Generation settings for the background
– Added Powerups to the menu background
– Added Orange and Violet colors to the menu background
– Added 10 Presets for World Generation options (configurable in config.ini)
– Added Option for Leaderboard Display (One of each Difficulty, or Matching difficulty (same difficulty as your level generation settings)
– Added Option for Leaderboard Submission (Automatically, Submit Button)
– Changed Graphical User Inetrface froma button, to a text toggle.
– Added a real time paged Leaderboard viewer to the Main Menu. Pick difficulty, then view all scores, 10 at a time.
– Added All Around Games logo to the Main Menu, click to go to the All around games website.
– Added Orange and Violet Powerups
– Updated graphics for all colored objects
– New backgrounds for Menus, and Text
– Better screen Resizing, menus move when you resize the window
– Added Play buttons to the end of level leaderboard, to play the same level as the score setter.
– Fixed a bug that allowed your multiplier above 10
– en.ini removed:
– [menu]:Level Generation
– en.ini Added:
– [menu]:Options, Leaderboard, Quit, Getting_Started, New Folder: lang/start/en.txt, gui_on, gui_off, Leaderboard_display, ldrbdis_One_Of_Each_Difficulty, ldrbdis_Matching_Difficulty, Leaderboard_Submission, ldrbsub_Automatically, ldrbsub_Submit_Button, Start_Level
-[gui]: Play

The Untitled website was also updated, the Main page has information about customizing the music, sound effects, and presets. The Leaderboard page was changed a bit, you can now click on a name, and view a page of just that persons scores. The about page was updated to reflect Beta 4.

I hope you enjoy the release. If there are no major problems then in about a month the game will be released officially.

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