MiniLD 34: I Threw the Red

Most of my finals for college were finished the friday before Mini Ludum Dare 34 Aspect started. This is the first Mini LD I have participated in, and was decided ina  split second decision.

I made a game called I Threw the Red, and you can play it here.

I had been wanting to use Construct 2 for some time now, and this presented a good time to try it out. I knew that from using Construct Classic I would know most of the basic features in Construct 2. Some thing were changed or renamed, but I didn’t have any trouble creating a game.

I used the 1024 by 128 pixel aspect ratio, and make a platformer game. The game is a sequel to Through the Blue Sea, and reuses many of the assets. It is a different game though, there are ten levels, with two characters.

In the description for the game I stated “Two acts, with five massive endless ending levels. ” this came from a recently released Steam game, that claimed “huge, endless environments” when in reality the maps are a bit on the small side. Its this kind of false advertising that I hate, and though I would be clever and make it a total contradicting statement.

I intended there to be a lose story that the player could interpret for themselves. I not sure that it really got that but in my mind, the first part of the game is collecting the pieces to make the character for the second one. Something of a love story in my mind.

The gameplay is very simple, jump from platform to platform and collect the red pip. The Yellow pips will add to your score. There is once again an Online High-score table.

I intend to purchase a license for Construct 2 sometime this week, then I look forward to recreating older projects in html5 so that more players can play it. In my Through the Blue Sea Postmortem 2 post I mentioned flash and web games as having the reputation of shitty flash game. I still see flash games that way, but I see my own games as shitty games. Its a little misleading, I don’t mean that the games themselves are bad, or not fun to play. It has more to do with the size of them, most web games tend to be small, short, and fast. Most downloaded games tend to offer at least eight hours of gameplay.

What appeals to me the most about a web game is the accessibility, it can be played on almost any platform, and it easier to play (no download). My issues with it is there is almost no customization, even remappable keymaps are not possible (though multiple keys that are preconfigured are) Sound music, and graphics would be hard to change on just the users end. In the end though I think accessibility wins out over customization.

I still stuck to the basic level design theme from Through the Blue Sea, the cool colors are easy, and the warm colors are harder. there are also more pickups in the cool colors than in the warm colors.

The idea of having a  red pip or goal pip is actually my first idea from Through the Blue Sea. But in the end I thought it would be to simple a game. With i Thre the Red, I wanted to make a simple game, as I  had limited time. I just wanted to get a feel for Construct 2 and see what I could do with it.

I had a lot of funr with this Mini Ludum Dare, and I want to continue with the 1024 by 128 aspect. This aspect ratio is the perfect size for a banner on a website, so what I am thinking is making one for each month of the year, and depending on what month it is the website will show a different game.

I think it would be cool to have a game development website, with a game on each page. They will be small simple score games, that will be easy to play.

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