I want to make games, but instead I make websites… at least that is how it feels this week. I have been revising and creating a couple websites and I wanted to blog about that today.

Untitled Website:

This was the first website that I started revising, I also haven’t finished revising it yet. I’ve put the revision on hold, but it is still looking better than it was before. There is a new download button, the leader board on the first page also show ten from each difficulty now.  I have a few other thing that I want to do, but I think its going to wait. Sometime this summer I am planning to rebuild Untitled using Construct 2, so you will be able to play it in the browser. (the downloaded client will still be supported, and have many features that the web version won’t)

Image Website

Near the end of last week I tweeted about creating a php page that would generate thumbnail images for me. This website is the result of that script. I wanted the image URLs to look nicer, so instead of being something like /data/img/image1.png I set up a sub domain for the /img/ folder. I also knew that I wanted thumbnails so I created a php script that re sizes the images and saves a thumbnail image (Don’t need a new thumbnail generated ever page view). I wrote them as functions, so now to display a thumbnail I just call a php function that will check to see that the image exists, then that the thumbnail exists (if not it generates a thumbnail) then it will display the thumbnail with a link to the full image.

All Around Games Website:

The last website revision is the main All Around Games website. The first revision was to the banner. When I designed the website back in 2010 I intended to add character from the games to the banner. But we never got to the point that we had character to add. Now I decided to add screenshots from the games I have made so far, and that adds a nice rollover effect. The Games page was also updated, and makes use of the new image functions. There are now screenshots for all of the games, including the Ludum Dare jam games. The Game Jam games also all have their own page now, that you can find links and video on. There were a few other small changes, but i’ll let you find them.


I am also working on a new website, that will launch on Friday June 1st, but you’ll see what it is then.

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