7 Day First Person Shooter Aurora Puzzle game

Last week I participated in 7dfps I had a few idea from the start, but settled on one that I though would be cool. A first person puzzle game set in the Ythmeven universe. This is an idea I have had for a while now, and 7dfps gave me an excuse to make the game. You can play it here, and my submission page is here.

First I want to talk about the tools that I used.

– Construct 2: I used the newest beta R94 that had the loading screen (that is used) I was also able to reuse the loading screen as an updating screen. I didn’t have any problems getting Construct 2 to do what I wanted.

– PHP: There is actually a fair bit of PHP behind the Aurora puzzle game, but for the most part php was only used to fetch information from a MySQL database.

-MySQL: I used MySQL to store information. The map (the entire two rooms) are loaded dynamically from the MySQL database. I also stored the messages form the msg board in the mysql database and they are fetched from there.

What went wrong:

– Too large of scope. This type of game is gimped by the fact that there are only two puzzles, and neither are particularly challenging or unique.

– Puzzles I need more of them, but the last day I had around four hours to add puzzles.

– Other activities, they took away from my time, but they were more important than making a game.

– Php, MySQL, and using the Ajax Construct 2 object. It took too long for me to get everythign loading correctly from the database.

What went right:

-PHP, Mysql, and the Ajax Construct 2 object. It a really cool way to store information that can be used to a multiplayer-ish game, of an almost MMO scale. It would be hard to actualy show players, but you could have indirect interactions such as the message board, or moving a puzzle piece.

-Construct 2: Went right, it was easy to use and probably the only reason there was any game features.

What is next:

-I plan to update the game with more content, but I’m not sure when I will start that. I plan to develop several games set in the Ythmeven universe to set the scene for the game.

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