New Video Series: Ludum Dare #27 Games

If you managed to avoid the slight amount of Twitter spam I did the other day, then you may or may not know I am starting a new series on YouTube for Ludum Dare #27 Games. Each game will get five minutes of gameplay, and each video will be comprised of three games.

The Games that are tweeted to me have priority, I’m planning to play a total of 84 games, so 21 games per week. There are still plenty of spots, so if you want me to play your game, then tweet @ythmevge with a link to it.

Any slots that are not filled by the time I record the video and I will fill it with randomly selected games. I will also be playing the games of anyone that comments on my entry.

Airing Time:

The first episode will air tonight (Monday the 2nd, also Labor Day) at 2pm PST, this series will run in addition to my regular series, and will not interfere. So every day of the week, including weekends at 2pm PST there will be a new episode of Three Ludum Dare #27 Games.

I’m recording one week at a time, so each weekend I will be recording additional games. So far this has proved to be one of my most challenging series yet. With so many different screen resolutions used, as well as lack of volume control in most games, it has made editing and recording a bit tricky and slowed the process down. But so far it has been a lot of fun. Some of the games also dislike being recorded by fraps, one would even stop the recording every minute or so.

So look for the episode tonight at 2pm on my YouTube channel.

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