A Weight Lifted

You probably know how it is, being in college the last week of school you feel so weighted down. Now that its over, its Friday and I only have One final next week (on Monday, and its an online one) it feel as though a weight has been lifted and I can have energies again.

An I’m going to need them, as of the writing of this Ludum Dare 28 start in six and a half hours. For some reason I’m really excited about this one, I’ll be using Construct 2, but I plan to have an online highscore table (assuming my game has a score system) similar to the ones that I used to do for Ludum Dare entries, I went away from it because its an extra step.

For themes I am hoping for:

You Only Get One – I think this theme would be great, because there are so many ways to answer the question of One of What? One Life? One Shot? One Move? One Click? One Color? and so on the list goes. I think this would make a great theme because of how open-ended it is.

2 colors – More or less because of my fascination of colors as a game. I can think of several ideas that would work for this theme.


And in other News, the website should be working much much faster now, it was migrated to a different server recently and the page is back to loading in less than 1 second most of the time. WordPress is also working much better now (wordpress is mysql query heavy) so I’ll be sticking with it, because the alternatives arn’t there yet. I mentioned doing my own, it was going to be an integration with SMF but I don’t know that I could get the features that I want as easily as I would hope. (display the posts by date is easy, even listing them by date would be easy enough, but tagging or categories would be harder)

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