Changes to the Blog

I did some general website work today, updating and the like.

The games page on the website is now updated with Ludum Dare Jam games.

The blog was being very slow, It is still sometimes slow. I moved it to a separate database, in hopes of fixing the problem. The only thing lost was the categories for the posts, but I’m working on recategorizing them.

Last weekend I took part in Mini Ludum Dare #47 The theme was Humble Beginnings, take your first game, and recreate it now. I decided to apply it to the first game that I thought of as finished, Untitled. I recreated it using Construct 2, so that it would be html5 web based. It all works quite well right now, but I didn’t manage to finish it in time. I will be continuing work on it this weekend a bit, and at some point it will be done.

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