A Ludum Dare Year in Review

The last Ludum Dare event for 2015 took place earlier this month, and voting is ongoing. I figured now was a good time to take a look back at my contributions to Ludum Dare this year in a sort of overall postmortem of sorts.

Noodle Kombat


My first contribution to Ludum Dare for 2015 was this quirky fighting game. The inspiration for the game came from Mortal Kombat. The theme was An Unconventional Weapon in my mind noodles and meatballs fighting it out is unconventional. I wanted to add online multiplayer to the game but ran out of time. It does have two player multiplayer locally. The single player mode was really quickly added and is how you unlock the meatball character.

You Are the Monster


This is by and far my most lazy game this year. The laziness is strong in this one. I was working as a Tour Guide the entire weekend, after walking all day you surprisingly don’t feel like making a game much. The theme was You Are The Monster the idea of the game is that you are the monster by harassing this monster with your mouse click. The extended goal was to make the monster say things and change/evolve until he got so mad he swatted the player…or something like that. Instead you can click him for a level and he spins…

A Growing Prince

Desktop 12-13-2015 3-28-55 PM-339

My final Ludum Dare game for 2015, A Growing Prince. The theme was Growing well one of them, the other was 2 Button game, you could select one or both themes. The Ludum Dare version of the game is seriously lacking, all you have to do is level up and push the castle button. You cannot be attacked, or lose. The idea was to make a light MUD style game that was all based on a single php file. The issue was I got stuck on the brainstorming part and only had 24 hours left by the time I started. There is already a post-compo version of this game released, and you can read more about it here.


That was Ludum Dare 2015 for me, 2016 will bring around three more main Ludum Dare events. Ludum Dare 35 will be in April sometime. Who knows what will come out of my mind next year, stay tuned.

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