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7 Day First Person Shooter Aurora Puzzle game

Last week I participated in 7dfps I had a few idea from the start, but settled on one that I though would be cool. A first person puzzle game set in the Ythmeven universe. This is an idea I have had for a while now, and 7dfps gave me an excuse to make the game. […]

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June the Game

About a week ago, on June 1st I released a small one level game called June. This is the first game is a series of, you guess it, twelve. Each month will have it own small game. My goal is sixty seconds of playtime, or somewhere around there. I wanted to work with a couple […]

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I want to make games, but instead I make websites… at least that is how it feels this week. I have been revising and creating a couple websites and I wanted to blog about that today. Untitled Website: This was the first website that I started revising, I also haven’t finished revising it yet. I’ve […]

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MiniLD 34: I Threw the Red

Most of my finals for college were finished the friday before Mini Ludum Dare 34 Aspect started. This is the first Mini LD I have participated in, and was decided ina  split second decision. I made a game called I Threw the Red, and you can play it here. I had been wanting to use Construct 2 […]

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Through the Blue Sea Post-Compo version Released

I have finished the revisions to Through the Blue Sea, I included most suggestions made by the comments, as well as a few of my own observations from playing the game. You can download the post-compo version here. As well as read about the development, watch the videos, and view the high score table. The biggest change is the […]

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Ludum Dare 23 – Week 3 Games

Sunday: TinyNuke by levelbylevel – A 2D platformer score game. It has some great sound effects. Tiny World by pag – A short game about collecting tiny planets to help colonize a large planet. Avoid the red, collect the others. Has music and sound. Tiny world by cocoloco113 – You can move a character sprite back and forth across a screen…but nothing else. Tiny […]

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Ludum Dare 23 – Week 2 Games

Sunday: Lilac.27 by oddgoo – A 3D platformer game with 2D character and enemies, and really nice graphics overall. Space Bear by madflame991 – A 2D game in space, you play a giant bear head, and have to recover stars to save the tiny planet earth. Mini Marauders! by xBlinkedx – A 2D game that you try to […]

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