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Started by Sandcrawler, January 16, 2012, 08:17:45 PM

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I'll be participating in SOPA Game Jam, but I won't be able to work much on the 18th. So instead I'll be releasing on the 18th (even though this website will be down :o ), and working tonight, and tomorrow on the game.

I decided to go with my first idea, and make an extremely simple game, of shoot the target. The targets are randomly created on the screen, and you need to shoot them before they move off the screen. There is a time limit of thirty seconds, during that time you try to click as many of the targets as possible. The game will mention both SOPA, and PIPA. As well as having several songs that pertain to SOPA. On the main menu page there will be buttons to the SOPA website.

Another part of this game is the web component. There will be a total of all rouge sites shot down in the game that will be visible on the game page, as well as in the game.

So far I have:

Update (1-18-2012)
The game has been released, you can download it here