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Village Market

Started by xaphian, September 04, 2012, 08:23:07 AM

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We have a plugin installed that allows a person to buy a villager egg and make a shop. There is a designated area for these'shops.'
Rules and instructions are as follows:
1. The servers designated currency is Diamonds and sponge. To get sponge, you trade it with other people or buy it with food from the npc villager in the middle 'shop.'

2. Once you have 64 sponge, you can buy your first villager. You can have as many as you want as long as they fit in your shop.

3. You can pick a spot you would like (they are designated by the stone on the ground), and you can build it how you would like within a 5x5x5 cube. It must have at least one chest to hold your stuff to sell, and also to hold money you get from your wares. Don't worry, no one else can open your chest

4. To place your newly acquired egg, right click your chest, then right click where you would like him to stand. He will not move. once he is placed, hold shift and right click him. Your items from your chest will appears, with slimeballs under them. The top slimeball is for diamonds, the bottom if for sponge. These are for setting the price. If you have more items to sell than it allows, just wait until those sell, or purchase another villager.

5. To change which villager it is, click on the wool piece in the middle on the far right. To move him, or to change which chest he uses, click the fire on the far right. This will put the egg back in your inventory to start over.

Lets get a good economy going on this server! It could be a lot of fun!


I am selling records mostly, with some other random stuff.

I am now selling enchanted wares. Right now, it's mostly bows and iron armor, but the more you buy, the more diamonds I have to make better armor!