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New mini games world

Started by xaphian, August 30, 2012, 05:51:48 PM

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I've loaded in a world to the server that, so far, has:

1. Pit Frenzy
2. Tower defense
3. Super Pirate Battle

If you find other cool minigames that you want to bring on the server, let me know. They can't be something super huge, but feel free to ask. If it has a youtube video, please link it so I can watch it. Let's have some fun!


Pirate defense in not playable at the moment.

Also, have added 2 more games. Zombie defense (not working yet), and Nether Arena.

Zombie defense is a game where zombies come at you from across the board, and you must kill them before they get to your side.

Nether arena needs 4 to 9 people, and is a pvp arena, with a twist. You pick a color of wool you want to be before the game starts. After someone hits the start button, everyone jumps in the arena. After a little while a lever will fall in a random spot from the ceiling and you must place it on your wool piece and defend it for 5 seconds to score. You must do this 3 times to win. There are some other random things that happen, but I will let them be a surprise :)