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Started by Sandcrawler, December 30, 2012, 02:44:43 PM

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If you would like to play on the All Around Games Bukkit or Feed the Beast servers you should fill out the following, and post as a reply. If you would rather not have it publicly viewable you can send me a personal Message.

Please leave your Minecraft name, if you have it a YouTube account, and lastly a reason that you want to join. A YouTube or other video hosting website will greatly increase your chances of being accepted onto the server.

Minecraft Name:

YouTube Account (or other video website):

Reason for wanting to Join:

also, go to the rules post, read it, and reply.[\b}


Minecraft Name: FrapOut

YouTube Account (or other video website):

Reason for wanting to Join: I want to play on a regular minecraft survival server none of those pig fancy ones with hundreds of plugins and people and i really just want to play on a server with good people and good admins im sick of those servers with annoying people spamming and annoying admins that never do their jobs.

PS FrapOut is my minecraft account i mainly use but i do have a WretchedPotato account but my friend uses it. so would it be possible for me to be able to have both on the server?

Sincerely WretchedPotato


minecraft name: ydorb2000

youtube account:

reason for wanting to join: i am looking for a server where i can go to hang out to build, not run from people in diamond armor and get muted by an admin for asking them to do something.


I want to join the server because I love building and minecraft survival, I'm also a nice person and I like to help people. PS: I'm a fan of Andaley.
I was invited by an admin on my other youtube account, (colbyskateboarder) so if that admin is reading this, well hi. :P


Minecraft Name: mdalax32

Youtube Account: None

Reason For Wanting To Join: I have always wanted a good Minecraft community and so far this server looks great!


Im interested

Minecraft name: MinecraftfanJC

Youtube account: xDarkSpyrox


Minecraft Name: Simpan99

YouTube Account (or other video website): Youtube BlackPixelinc and on planet minecraft BlackPixelinc to.

Reason for wanting to Join: I have watch droppedonmyhed1 videos and the server look great and good players and no plugins that are cheats. so the feeling would be like vanilla. I want a server with no hacking, greifing and nice players. I like building and adventure.


PM sent about us girls joining the server   :D :D


Minecraft Name: skipperbear99

YouTube Account (or other video website): (Old Channel) (New Channel)

Reason for wanting to Join: Looks like an amazing server for me to record on my new channel


Minecraft Name: tigerman411

YouTube Account (or other video website):

Reason for wanting to Join: Friends play been looking for a good stable minecraft server