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3D Modeller

Started by Sandcrawler, September 16, 2010, 09:38:58 PM

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We are currently seeking skilled and experienced 3D modeller to work on a untitled project.

- Knowledge of a 3D modelling application.
- Experience modelling and rigging a Character model.
- Experience modelling 3D objects.
- Motivation needed to create a Indie game.

- Experience with Textures and Normal maps.
- Know-how of Unreal Editor (Level Design, Material Editor, Kismet, ect)
- Any other skills you have

As a 3D modeller at All Around Games you would be responsible for creating the model assets that appear in our game. Both characters and objects.

This is a royalty based position, and payment will be made after the release and sale of the game.

Applicants should email for questions, or to apply.