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Is there going to be a multiplayer feature?  That would be very interesting to have all of the AAG server members play on it!  You may of aleready answered this, if so sorry for the mistake!The game of June
Today I am releasing the first game in a series. You can play it at the top of this page. There is also a Online high score table, seperated out by the day that you play it on. You can view the Calender Score table here.

I'll be posting more about the game this weekend, on the blog. But a couple of the inspiration behind creating this game was; Suzuki Harunobu, Mini Ludum Dare 34, and Sos Soswki website. The game was created using Construct 2, exported to html5. Then some php for the score table. Ythmeven Teaser Website Launched
Ythmeven is a new game that I have been talking about on the blog recently. Today I am launching the teaser website for the game.

Ythmeven Teaser Site

On the website there are currently eight desktop wallpapers that you can download and use. The website will be updated from time to time with screenshots and additional wallpapers.

I'll be participating in SOPA Game Jam, but I won't be able to work much on the 18th. So instead I'll be releasing on the 18th (even though this website will be down :o ), and working tonight, and tomorrow on the game.

I decided to go with my first idea, and make an extremely simple game, of shoot the target. The targets are randomly created on the screen, and you need to shoot them before they move off the screen. There is a time limit of thirty seconds, during that time you try to click as many of the targets as possible. The game will mention both SOPA, and PIPA. As well as having several songs that pertain to SOPA. On the main menu page there will be buttons to the SOPA website.

Another part of this game is the web component. There will be a total of all rouge sites shot down in the game that will be visible on the game page, as well as in the game.

So far I have:

Update (1-18-2012)
The game has been released, you can download it hereUntitled Progress
Over the past two weeks I have been working on Untitled Beta 3, there have been several issues with the Online Leaderboards (the very reason I have delayed it until Beta 3). As I have mentioned in the past my Ludum Dare 22 entry Alone In Space, has an online leaderboard, and I have been using that to determine the best possible way to have a Leadboard for Untitled.

The problem is there is no way to securely send data from Contruct to the internet. In Alone In Space... when you submit your highscore you ping a simi-hidden webpage with your username, score, and win or lose. To discover the webpage all you have to do is watch the packets on your network, and it will point you right to the page, where you can set your own score.

My first solution was to have a key, that the game knows, and the website knows. but the problem with this is the key is static, so once you know the key (you would see it when you saw what packets were sent) then you can once again put in any score.

The next obvious solution is to make the key change, every so often. The problem doing it this way is that you can't have the key change even once a minute, because the client (that you download) and the webserver are not necessarily on the same time. Once every ten minutes works, but we still have the same problem as above, once you have the key, its good for ten minutes or so.

The solution, well there isn't one, regardless of what I do there is no way to stop you from setting your own score if you are determined to. That doesn't mean the idea listed above are not worth implementing, I will be using the rolling key change method.

In addition there will be a system in place that calculates the highest possible score, for the level you submit, and ensures that your score is below that maximum.

Once this is all implemented, then I'll be looking over Untitled as a whole, and polishing anything I find that is lacking. Then I will release Beta 3.
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The game of June
Ythmeven Teaser Website Launched
Untitled Progress