Like so many others I started as a Modder, to other games. Most notable was Star Was: Republic Commando. I'm often credited as having the first Custom map for Republic Commando. I went on to make 50+ additional maps for Republic Commando. As well as running the Modding website for Republic Commando. I also was active in Star Wars Battlefront(1), Killing Floor, and Ace of Spades(Build and Shoot).

All Around Games was started by three veterans from Star Wars Republic Commando, we had large goals to develop a new Sci-Fi shooter game that would have the feature sets expected from a First Person Shooter. In the end things didn't work out.

The next big step was Indie Games, largely for Ludum Dare. Sometimes my games are a little crazy/weird/dumb but each time I learn something new. Lately I've been on a not-game streak making games that don't conform to the traditional aspects of a game. My first completed game Untitled was finished back on March 19th 2012. Untitled Started as a Ludum Dare game for LD #21 after a lot of additional work it shaped up into an interesting art game.

Next I started a project called Ythmeven. It pulls from the old days of MUDs and Bullitin Board Games. Ythmeven is a large Science Fiction setting that will span multiple games. The biggest of those games will be titled Ythmeven and put you in control of your own Starship and set you free on the universe to carve your own path.