Games that are in deveolpment or released.

Ythmeven (In Development)

Ythmeven is a browser based space game. You will control a single ship in the galaxy with a variety of roles; including trader, gatherer, raider, bounty hunter, and more. Ythmeven will also features planets that can be controlled by the player, and produce the resources that the player needs. Visit the Ythmeven teaser website for more information.

Untitled (Released 3/19/2012)

Untitled takes you inside an Abstract Painting, that you are trying to escape from. Started as a entry into Ludum Dare 21. Visit the Untitled website for more information.

Game Jam Games

These are games that were made under a specific theme, with a time limit.

Color Shift (Ludum Dare #27)

Guide a color changing pip through a world, on a quest to storm the castle. More Information

Soldier Chess: The Game (Ludum Dare #26)

War, guide your soildiers on the battlefield. More Information

R.B.A (Ludum Dare #25)

Defeat your enemies, control the world. More Information

Jump! Stun! Teleport! (Ludum Dare #24)

Guide the robot through the levels while evolving with the use of Upgrades. More Information

I Threw The Red (MiniLD #34 Aspect)

A sequel to Through The Blue Sea, in a 1024 by 128 aspect ratio. You goal is to collect the red pip. More Information

Through The Blue Sea (LD #23 Tiny World)

Your goal is to pick up as many of the yellow pips as possible. More Information

Shoot Em' Down (SopaJam)

A shoot the target game, made in protest of SOPA and PIPA acts. More Information

Alone In Space... (LD #22 Alone)

Your Alone In Space, earn money, and fight to survive. More Information

Untitled (LD #21 Escape)

Control the pellet object through the abstract painting. More Information

Egglins Attack (LD #20 It's Dangerous to go Alone! Take this!)

Control the character through the levels, using teleporters to get through puzzles. More Information
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