Current games that are in deveolpment or have been released. You can also find a small pile of 18 plus games over on my profile at Ludum Dare these games are made in 48 hours and vary in themes and scope.

A Growing Prince (Released 12/24/2015)

A Growing Price was a experimental game that came out of Ludum Dare 34. It is an experiment with a single page php game engine. In this post-compo revamp of the game I added many features that are expected from a adventure game. This game is all text based.

Connected We Run (Released 11/20/2014)

Connected we run was originally made for Ludum Dare 30, that was then polished and released on Gamejolt with a highscore table and thirty-two achievments.

Untitled (Released 3/19/2012)

Untitled takes you inside an Abstract Painting, that you are trying to escape from. Started as a entry into Ludum Dare 21. Visit the Untitled website for more information.